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Things to remember for tomorrow:
even though I’m not still working, I still tend to think of Wednesdays as my mental health day. It gives me perspective that the week is half over, and I try to do some things that are fun specifically for me and remember to light candles through the day and read my Real Simple in bed. That’s what mhd’s are to me

Create RSS feeds for kdlb’s comments and mt-p’s bug tracker. Add to NzC.
Write up feature request for new david plugin
Post font post. Put fonts away in folders.
Email. reply. tons. and tons.
Post about newest songs found - Amazing should be on that list. And put the new songs in their folders.


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i love that magazine too! the recipes are tasty and i like the pictures and articles. it just calms me down to read it because it isn’t chock full of skinny beautiful women wearing clothes i will never be able to afford. smile

Aww man...

::goes to clear out space on her hard drive::

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