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Tired to the Max article

This is a nice overview article: Tired to the Max - - And Then Some HealthCentral.com

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a really bad case of the flu.

Think, then, what it also must feel like to have severe muscle and joint pain, headaches and sore lymph nodes. On top of that, you can’t concentrate, and you’re tired, really tired, most of the time—a sense of exhaustion that just won’t go away, no matter how long you sleep.

Because March is National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness month, I’m hoping that more publicity like this will show up. People need to realize that this isn’t I'm-just-too-lazy-to-leave-the-house syndrome. I set up a newsfeed that automatically searches google for the latest 15 pieces of news relating to CFS, mainly because I like to stay informed. So, by extension, so will you smile


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Ugh. This describes how I’ve felt for much of January and February. I was exposed to the flu, strep, and other gunk too, so I hope that it passes. Soon. My headaches are better, but the glands in my neck still hurt. I know it’s nothing compared to what you go through. You are - as always - in my thoughts and prayers.

Here’s hoping the remainder of 2003 will be easier on both of us!