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happy day!

Good morning!!! smile

I’ve already eaten breakfast and laid in bed to read the rest of my latest book. Now I have my happy music on, and I’m getting caught up on some MT stuff.

Its 55° already, so we have the window open getting fresh air. Its getting warm! smile


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bug I live in Tacoma,WA and it is getting warm here too. I have my windows open to, to air out the house. Dare I hope that Spring has arrived here? butterfly

You’re warmer than us today, but we’re supposed to have 60s and 70s all next week. I’ll get to enjoy those kinds of temperatures for a bit and then I’ll have to deal with an icky hot humid summer. I’ll enjoy spring while I can though. I love seeing all the flowers. butterfly

We have our windows open today too. The cats are loving it. What a beautiful day. laughing


We had 70s today and had the house opened up. Gorgeous! We’re supposed to get a cold front through soon with possible snow. But it’s been a nice week of 60s & 70s, so I can deal with it.

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