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Three Great Lakes still frozen

Three Great Lakes still frozen

Three of North America’s Great Lakes—Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Erie—have frozen over for the first time in nearly a decade after icy weather lasting more than a month, experts at Environment Canada said.

Wow! I remember when I was little, we’d go to Grand Haven in the summertime, and they’d have giant icebreaker ships there. (I just googled it, and I may be thinking of South Haven. I don’t remember for sure). Its pretty amazing to think about, because nothing really ices over in this area, unless you live higher up in the mountains. Especially to think about how huge these lakes are, and they are still frozen!!
Anyhow, just an interesting (to me) snippet laughing


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Even more amazing, considering all the chemicals and stuff dumped in those lakes - they normally can’t freeze over for this long!

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