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diners and being dressed

We had a delightful dinner out at the Stardust Diner, a cute cafe that looks like a train car-type old fashion diner. They have the most delicious Openfaced Turkey sandwiches that even though other things on the menu look great, I can’t pass that meal up! smile

And it gave me a chance to actually get dressed and put on makeup. I miss wearing makeup, but tight clothes are not something I miss! My jeans a a touch too tight (they were when I bought them a little small because Megan said they fit so nicely and didn’t hang on me like the next size up.) Hmmm, now that I think about it, though, I forgot to put on mascara and eyeliner. Boy, that’s what usually makes me cute laughing

We got to watch Roswell, Farscape, and Stargate. Man I love these shows. But next week is the finale for Farscape and the season finale for Stargate. I hate it when shows end and want them to just go on forever ;)

My left shift key is getting a bit hard to press, but I guess that’s the one I do all off my shifting with. Is that normal? I notice while I’m typing that I shift with the left and space with the right. How 'bout you? confused

I’m so glad the week is over, I don’t want to have another week like this one with my dad’s persistant phone calls!!! I’m excited about resting with my boy for the weekend, anyhow laughing And playing Crash Bandicoot ha ha!

But now, I’m gonna install Mozilla 1.3 and snatch the new Multizilla smile And then to bed! None of this staying up till midnight like I did last night!!!!


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Girl, you’re ALWAYS cute. wink Sorry, I just couldn’t resist saying it!

I am so not looking forward to Farscape next week. It wouldn’t be so bad, I think, if it would actually get a proper ending - rather, it’s just going to leave us hanging, with no resolution in the forseeable future. *sigh*

At least it had a good run. And I can still look forward to getting all of the Farscape DVDs. smile

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