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bloggie winners

I’m pretty excited to see that some of my picks won in the Third Annual Weblog Awards. smile I hear that Christine actually was there for the awards, so I’m looking forward to hearing her take on it all smile scriptygoddess got two awards, and that’s pretty darn exciting to be part of. And miss m'lissa and Cis got best new and best kept secret weblogs, which is happy to see! And MT and Blogrolling, two tools that I love a whole lot, both won as well.

Congrads to all the winners!


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that rocks! i am so glad that scripty won. so great, and i am getting better at coding so some of the stuff there is even starting to make sense to me now. smile

I’m really happy about the ones who ended up winning even if there was all that controversy about the process. Maybe the process can be improved, but it doesn’t change the fact that some great sites ended up as winners. smile

What Brandy said!

Congrats on the awards! You hardworking gals and guys at ScriptyGoddess deserve it!

Congrats on your award too girlie! {{hugs}} laughing

very interesting comment, I like it

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