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my webloggerhood

This link has been passed around a bunch of blogs lately, but I couldn’t help but post about it myself too.... BlogStreet has lists of blogger neighborhoods, and even Visual formats—you can see who is related to you. Shhh, don’t tell miss m'lissa that A is higher on my list than she is wink It even found me a few new blogs. I keep hearing Solonor’s name lately in a lot of places, but I haven’t ever really visited his site. A really pretty Enter Whining. The beautiful tulips at coffeemom. There’s more, but that’s a start smile
Its kinda odd that they have at least 3 links on my top visual list that are broken links. You’d think that it would know that when making the list!!

Anyhow, I love this kinda stuff smile Even though my blog neighborhood is *really* on my links page!!! smile


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It’s definitely a cool idea. I added a couple new blogs to my list (like I needed any more to read right now *wink*). smile

The concept is interesting, but I haven’t had a chance to really surf around my neighborhood yet. It would be an even nicer site if they could figure out how to show all the people who blogroll a site no matter how the blogroll is presented. I’m on a few more blogrolls than what the site shows, and one would think that would change my neighborhood. smile

Welcome neighbor! I lurk around here all the time!!

Hi there! That is the neatest site! Nice to meet you!

Wow, I’m way down your list... *pout* wink

My own husband is higher on the list than me? ME? The wonderful perfect grrlie everyone loves and wants to emulate? I think they need to change their formula. ;)

no doubt what you are saying is true, but I just don’t agree

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