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stats tracking

One of the posts on the MT forums today talked about browser resolution, and Leah at ex-okay linked to OneStat.com - About Us - Press Box. Here’s their info:

Microsoft still dominates the browser market. As of February 03, 2003, all versions of Microsoft accounted for 95,2 percent of the global usage share market. The total global usage share of Netscape is 2.9 percent and the global usage share of Netscape 7 is 0.64 percent.

I’m pretty surprised that IE is so high. I knew it was high, but didn’t realize that it was THAT high. Kinda interesting. Like I said in the forums, I’d be interested in seeing some stats for webloggers to see how the "more aware" people’s stats show. I did notice from my own stats that Mozilla is showing up much less than it should be. I know that almost all hits from my IP address should be from Moz, and its not matching up, its less. So maybe sometimes its not reporting correctly. Anyhow, its all interesting smile


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And like I just moaned elsewhere, it’s a shame, since IE is now the most out of date and least standards compliant browser since NN4. Yet I certainly get about 90% of hits from it too, and find myself unable to totally break free of it due to this or that no matter how hard I try.

That’s interestingly high.... certainly. I run two websites and am amazed by the amount of people who don’t even realise that they have a choice in browsers. Their boxes came with IE so they figure thats it!
I have also read about some of the more "aware" surfers hacking their user agent id so they don’t get bypassed to some shitty css or alternate pages by browser-sniffing js that only wants to accept the norm............
Sad stuff really.

I don’t know why I use IE more than Moz. But I do. I have to say, though, that it’s a lot better product with the Avant Browser add-on. I have Mozilla, but I’m still getting used to it. Old habits? I’ve had someone recently hit my site with Win 3.1 and IE 3.03. I can’t even imagine what my site, much less the rest of the web today, looks like with that.

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