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trading spaces changes

TLC’s New Slate Emphasizes Reinvention and Panels of Expert

The progenitor of the TLC rebirth, "Trading Spaces" will also see some changes, perhaps suggested by TLC’s executive panel of experts. The show, which was last week’s most watch cable series among viewers 18 to 49 and 25 to 54, will be bumped from a 45 episode order to 60. There will be celebrity episodes featuring cast members from popular television programs, blooper shows, and exciting episodes in which the regular redecoration budget of $1,000 is bumped to $100,000.

Woo! That’s all good news! Yay for TV stars, 60 episodes and a huge budget episode!!! The article actually is talking about shows that are coming which are based on the idea of self-improvement like TS. For the same reason that you can’t stop watching a train wreck, What Not to Wear is drawing me in. Its so bad, I feel awful for the first girl that was on it, but I feel like I must watch the new episode tomorrow night!!!


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I haven’t seen the American version of What Not to Wear yet, but I really like the British version. All those things you mentioned for Trading Spaces sound great. I’ve totally become addicted to it since getting cable. I’m drawn to all the interior decorating and fashion shows for some reason.

I’m excited about 'what not to wear' too. Did you catch 'faking it' last night? It was cute. The only thing about TS is that I like that it’s a challenge to fit it all into $1000 and that it’s just everyday people. You know? It’d be nice if they maintained some of that instead of 'hollywood-ising' it even more. Ohh well though, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the shiny new version as well. smile

Yay for more Trading Spaces! I love that show. I found myself watching TLCs new show Faking It this afternoon. Genivive (from TS) was on it. It was a pretty good show, overall smile

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