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SMG exit interview

The Goodbye Girl: Sarah Michelle Geller’s exit interview with EW. Quite a bit of info in this interview, make sure you go through the multiple pages to read it all.

Gellar is moving on, but plans are afoot to keep the lucrative franchise alive. Whedon is developing a spin-off that may involve current ''Buffy'' regulars and will be pitched first to UPN. ''It will be a completely different animal,'' he says. The good news for fans: Gellar has promised to make occasional guest appearances on the spin-off. The bad news: The spin-off will not be based around sexy bad-girl slayer Faith, played by Eliza Dushku, who is committed to a Twentieth Century Fox pilot directed by Phillip Noyce.

Oh, well this is the first I’ve seen of Sarah saying she’d guest star on the new series, so that’s kinda cool. Don’t forget, Angel is on tonight, the first episode with Faith on it. laughing


i’m so stoked for tonight!!! i’m going to have to watch it late tonight as i have to clean, clean, clean... but i love Faith... she plays soo good at being soo bad! smile

I could barely read the story. I’m so sad that Buffy is going to be over. Doesn’t matter if they do a spin off and people guest star. There’s no BTVS without SMG. I think I’ll go cry some more now. (seriously)

I don’t like the Cordy stuff. ick.