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silly name

Ha ha, my name is now:

Chim-Chim Burgerhead
(from The New Captain Underpants books)

Burgerhead? That makes me feel like Buffy did in Doublemeat Palace, smelling like meat all the time! I’ve never had the "joy" of working in a fast food joint, but I think if I did, I’d make my nametag say Chim-Chim Burgerhead and see how many people asked if that was my real name :giggle:

Thanks, miss melissa wink


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Yes Burgerhead. That’s what you get for posting forty million font links! ;)

My best friend waitressed at TGIFridays for about four years...when she was in training, there was another girl there by her name (two Cheryls), and to differentiate, they started calling my Cheryl "the girl who looks like Buffy" (the original Buffy from the movie, not SMG), which evolved into Buffy--on her nametag. It got so bad that when I called TGIF, and asked for Cheryl, they had no clue who I was talking about (the other Cheryl disappeared pretty quickly). So I had to ask for Buffy, and felt so silly.

The worst part was that people actually thought her name was Buffy...which was hell when we went out in big groups.

Considering that I got funny stares every day for a nametag that said "Rickie Beth," I think that yes, Chim-Chim would raise a few eyebrows.

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