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today inspiration

I was so inspired by the plates and pictures that Lisa posted lats night that I just had to make a new skin for her smile I *love* how it turned out smile

So that was my main accomplishment for the day :giggle: You should go over and tell Lisa that she rocks, just because I said so!!!


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I’d say that’s QUITE an accomplishment! I love it!

It’s gorgeous and I love it! Everyone that’s been by loves it too!

And it goes without saying (guess that’s why I didn’t say it at first), you’re fantastic!

Wow! Very nice indeed! I am always so impressed with the things you create. smile

me too me too! very nice colors.

it’s beautiful!

It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL girlie. Great job. smile

p.s. What font did you use? tounge out

Oops, it ate my text smile

Chris Pirillo pointed out your design in the comments on that post. smile

That’s so cool! We rock smile

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