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fonts for the fourth

There were a lot of font updates in the font-world over the last few days, so I will have to share what’s on my desktop for my long-time addicts and the addicts-in-training wink And plus, I realized there were a ton of fonts I hadn’t gotten from Nick’s Fonts, so that is much of the update!!

From Blambot

  • Ale & Wenches—celtic handwriting font

  • Mighty Zeo—comic font update to 2.0

From Ænigma

  • Edit Undo—a line-y font, a dotty font, and a solid version. Pixelly

From Fontosaurus

  • Laika—great handwriting-ish font with larger C.

  • Ghetto Booty—handwriting font, with variable ascenders and descenders

From Zango-O-Fonts

  • Epiphanatic—straight cursive

From Maniackers

  • Finger-Five—cute pixel font

From Nick’s Fonts

  • Indubita—wide serif font

  • ShangriLa—serif font with swirls; several versions

  • EmpireState—uppercase font with border

  • KelmscottRoman—serif font reminescent of Georgia

  • HeraldSquare—underlined broadway-esque caps

  • MarchMadness—skinny font with subtle curves

  • Stony Island—skinny broadway font

  • EastMarket—wide serfic font

  • Rivanna—skinny stylized uppercase

  • Underground—bordered cap font with dots in the border

  • DrumagStudio—another broadway font with swashy accents

  • CameoAppearance—capital font with beautifully accented uppercase letters

  • TeamSpirit—cursived underlined font like a baseball logo

  • FattySnax—mexican party font, wide

  • RiotSquad—tall cursive/broadway cross

From Chank

  • Rapscallion—old english wanted poster, ragged

Remember, you can always find links to my fav sites at Fonts Organized. I find most of my updates at FontLover.


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Thanks for feeding my addiction! smile Wheeeee!

Woohoo! I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow during my day at home. Thanks sweetie! smile

Now you’ve gone and done it...

Ah crap. Fontosaurus is huge. And I’ve never been there before. So now I have to look through a thousand pages of fonts.

Gosh darnit you Kristine! May your soap operas be reruns!!


kristine, thank goodness i don’t have the time to be creative, or you could turn me into an addict, too! you find the coolest font sites... i’m using my lunch hour (HA!) to browse and admire some of this amazing talent.

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