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no super-angel

Oh darn it....

Boreanaz Denies Super Rumor

Angel star David Boreanaz denied in a chat on E! Online the rumor that he has been cast in the title role of the upcoming Superman movie. "I’ll just kill the rumor now—it hasn’t happened," Boreanaz said. "I did go in and read for the part, but I can’t do it because of my schedule with Angel."

Sorry to get you guys all excited. I sure was excited!

[via Sci Fi Wire which is probably more reliable than the last source!]


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There is always a possibility, albeit small, that they were testing the waters to see if fans wanted to see David as Superman. Hey, a girl can still have hope, can’t she? ;)

i’m still hoping!!! smile you never know!

oh, and btw, when you mouse over the E in E!Online, it shows the caption "Eric is my one and only love"... i just thought that was cute because this time E stands for Entertainment! LOL

You don’t want David to get the Superman Curse, anyway.


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