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happy me

my mouth is happy. Mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets, with PIE for dessert. Yum. Some nights, a happy mouth makes all the difference. Kisses help that too wink

And miss m'lissa makes me giggle, and so that’s happy. So I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face picturing her hard drive filling up as she curses my fonts category. LOL!

And Roswell was a GREAT episode tonight - Viva Las Vegas.

All happy things == happy Kristine!


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Yeah! I love a happy Kristine. laughing

Me too. It’s great to hear all that happiness bubbling out of you again!

Yeah yeah. Laugh it up. tounge out

I downloaded and installed 150 fonts last night, and I haven’t even been to half of those new font sites! I need to find a project to use all of these fonts in.

p.s. You’re eeeevil.

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