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Angel reruns

TNT Gets 'Angel' Repeats

Regardless of what The WB decided to do with "Angel" after this season, fans will be able to see the show in the fall.

TNT has bought rerun rights to the first four seasons of the series and will begin airing it as early as this fall. The show will likely run twice a day on the cable network.

Woo! There are quite a few episodes in the end of season 1 and most of season 2 that I haven’t seen. So I’ve been looking forward to the time it goes into syndication. Especially since they’ve been advertising the DVD of the 1st season smile


Brad says "woo hoo!"

Damn, I need to see Hellbound, episode 92 from season 5. I’m a huge Simon Templeman fan. heartheartheart And I MISSED his guest star performance!! Ahh!! I guess I’m Hellbound now. confused