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7 deadly

Seven Deadly Sins quiz

Mirror, mirror on the wall... You’re guilty of PRIDE. Before you start deciding who should get the film rights to your autobiography, you might want to ask yourself what makes you think you’re so special. All those looks of admiration and awe you take for granted may be nothing more than mocking glances hiding laughter. Being your own best friend is a great thing, but not if it becomes an obsession. An inflated sense of self-importance can hide deeper concerns about your own confidence. Remember, those who do it don’t talk about it.

Why is pride so bad? Well, according to early religious scholars, pride destroys humility. When vanity compels us to compare our looks to others', we waste time that should be spent focused on our inner spiritual nature. Try to temper the need to feel better than others with a more humble focus upon yourself as you really are. After all, the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri considered pride the deadliest of the seven sins.

Uh oh, I guess I’ll have to work on my pride-issues ;)


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hey.. this resembles someone I know. Hmmm I think I’ll send him here instead of continuing to repeat myself.. Can you say self-absorbed?

Pride and ego are BIG TIME character defects of mine! But, that’s okay- I’ve got the rest of my life to sort them out and deal with them. smile

flower I’m PRIDE Too

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