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bloggy updates

I haven’t had a chance to point out some things in my little bloggy world in the last few days, but there are definately some noteworthy ones!

  • miss melissa has a new look with beautiful reds and fonts and header and a new name: "Anything but Ordinary"! I love it smile

  • Live in the Delirious Cool—Donna is all skinned now, and her Greeting Earthlings skin is delightfully wonderful!

  • Reb has a media journal now - check out stimulants smile

  • I added ♥ to my blogroll, and love that smile I first saw the ♥ code use on miss melissa ’s blog, and then Brandy had them on her site and I had to follow along smile

  • Seems like there was one more thing I was gonna point out, but I can’t remember now!!


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Hi there - I’m only seeing little boxes, not hearts? (IE6)

Love your new colour scheme, it’s very fresh looking!

Thank you girlie. That means a lot coming from you. smile

I love the hearts! Totally sweet and adorable, like you!

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