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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life About.com Web Design Feb 27 2003 6:31AM ET

This isn’t a new story on the About.com site, but it was really an interesting perspective for anyone who is thinking about going into web work...

Most of my days are not spent writing HTML. As a Webmaster, I have a lot of various duties, not the least of which is getting out of meetings.

I don’t have meetings to go to, but I do have a lot of email and other things that I do to keep up my knowledgebase that a lot of people wouldn’t think about when they ask me to do a design. Right now, I’m super behind in email, actually! Maybe tomorrow will find me a catch-up time!!!


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Thanks for the tidbits, I keep asking myself if this is really the job I want. The answer always turns out. HellYes! Hope you get caught up to enjoy the weekend. smile

If you ever catch up, can you tell me how you did it? wink

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