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tweaking pt 2

Well, the only thing I’ve accomplished today... I tweaked with my site a bit until I was happier with how the ring codes were looking. And that made me think I should validate my page. Which took me a long time because I’ve never really worried about doing it before. So the newest skin (#17, the yellow and grey one) validates XHTML transitional and CSS validates too. I updated my RSS feeds based on the validator.

I’ll work on the other skins and stylesheets later. Not tonight!


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I am almost afraid to ask - what is the "geeky" feed? smile

Tee hee, well I post so many things in the category "geekyness" that I made a separate feed—I include it on the mt-plugins site on the sidebar because that’s the only relevant part of my journal to the other sites laughing So basically, its there in case anybody only wants to see my geeky side, they could put that feed into their newsreaders or whatever smile

Well, aren’t you clever! smile I thought there was some new secret RSS thingy that I wasn’t aware of - whew!

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