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CA Airports eBay sales

California Airports Selling Confiscated Goods On eBay

With the increase in airports confiscating absolutely anything that is considered "pointy", you might wonder what they do with all those items. Many travelers are annoyed to find out that they don’t get their confiscated items back (and I’ve even heard some people suggest you travel with a self-addressed stamped envelope, in case you need to mail yourself your confiscated items). Most airports simply cart the stuff off to a recycling center, but now two airports in California have realized the profit potential. What do you do when you have a ton of junk? You sell it on eBay. That’s right, CaliforniaGold2000’s auctions are all the confiscated pocket-knives, nail clippers, and scissors you could possibly dream of. People who have had their items taken are not at all pleased, but the buyers don’t seem to mind - CaliforniaGold2000 has pretty good feedback.

ROTFL! I can’t believe this. There’s some pretty good stuff on their selling list; but I want to know who travels with TIRES and why confiscate them?!
[via Techdirt]


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