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Sci Fi Wire—The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel: SG-1 Enters Year Seven
I’m just loving this show so much, both the reruns and the new eps. So here’s the latest news—the article also shares the rating scores and how wonderful Mondays and Fridays are for the channel. smile

Production began Feb. 24 on the seventh season of SCI FI Channel’s top-rated original series Stargate SG-1, the network announced. The series continues to score high with viewers, both in its original episodes and in its repeats from other seasons.
After seven years on the air, Stargate SG-1 now ranks among the longest-running science fiction series on television.


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I love SG1!!! I’m so glad SCI FI Channel picked it up so we can have new episodes to watch. smile

I wish they would bring SG1 back here in oz!! They haven’t returned it for 2003 yet...I think we are about a season behind the US now. Argh! I’m having SG1 withdrawals! ;)

I love StarGate!!! They havent had an episode here in ages. Just like Alysha im having withdrawals too. I cant wait till its back on!

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