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old browsers

Okay, anybody who is STILL using Netscape 4.75 email me and criticize my design and use of CSS on one of my sites? What could they be viewing in that browser that really DOES look good? I am so tempted to email this person a link to the Browser History timeline so they could see how many browsers have been made since then. And the Web Standards campaign. But instead, I’ll just rant here :giggle:

That being said, I do apologize if you are visiting my site with Safari, as I’ve heard that it has crashed for several people. Without a Mac, I don’t have a good way to figure out why this would be happening, but I’m wanting to make this a good place for people with recent browsers, and I know that a lot of Mac users are really happy with this new browser. A majority of my visitors are using IE6, Netscape 6 or 7, or Mozilla, all recent browsers which I can easily test my code on for Windows at least.

Rant done. smile


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Heyba. smile I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I was using Netscape 4.x only up until a month ago. The reason is that almost all pages I ever went to, except blogs, rendered fine in 4x. It wasn’t until I got really into blogging and blog-surfing that I found that 99% of blogs rendered like cat-barf in 4x. So, I moved to Mozilla and all is well now. Problem is that I know that alot of people surf from work, and alot of workplaces are slow to upgrade browsers, and where I used to work, you could lose your job if you installed any software that they didn’t have a license for, even if it was free. But, I use Mozilla now and my blog uses CSS too, and I’m happy w/ it. I know that there will be some who come by w/ an old broswer, but I have to move forward, I can’t stay behind. Happy Blogging! laughing

Laserone makes a valid point that a lot of those using the old browsers are doing so from institutions. That’s been my experience at least. I’ve made the decision to not worry about Netscape 4.7 even though it’s the default browser at my university.

I have 4.73 at work (it’s on the network so everyone has access to it). Lemme know if you want me to look at anything.

A’s dad has Safari. I’m sure he’d be glad to help, if he can. Just send me an e-mail if you’re interested. (He’s a DBA, so he’s techie too, and that always helps.)

you don’t crash in my safari.. though a lot of other sites do.. strange that...

Gotta echo the surfing from work thing...lots of companies won’t upgrade browsers. I’ve considered designing a text-only, old-browser-friendly version of my site, maybe even with a browser detector script to redirect automatically...but so far I’m too lazy to actually do it.

i use netscape 4.whatever in the unix labs at school, because ie crashes pretty readily in solaris, although i don’t flame webmasters when their site looks bad. but i do have a little chuckle. smile

my url ended up wrong. weird. smile

Hmmm. If anything, my university has a forward-thinking browser policy - when I get a "new to me" Mac next week, it will have the latest version of IE on it, and our building network administrator is a geek so she uses Mozilla and Unix; it’s kind of "use what you want, but know that we support the following apps." The computers in the library have Netscape 4.75 on them, but I think that’s expressly to prevent unauthorized surfing beyond the online card catalog. smile

I have a problem where if I go to someone else’s computer and they are running an old browser I have to upgrade it. It drives me crazy! Nothing in todays world looks good in a five year old browser and I’m sick of putting if your using 4.7 this will look like crap on things. It’s not your fault that your site looks bad in it - it’s their fault for using it.

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