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I made it through ... my mom came and we decided that we couldn’t get it all done, so she rescheduled, and we went over what we did have, and figured out what still needed to be done. I feel much better now. And Annette faxed me some of the info she found today, so that’s more I can get put together.

I called back to tell Annette that one of the pages she faxed didn’t come through all the way, and she was gone already so Leonard and me chatted for 45 minutes smile That was very nice. Little Leah Marie (soon-to-be-born niece) is doing good, as is her mommy. Happy happy.

I sat on the floor while talking to Leonard, and my legs will be paying for that. laughing Now for some Kristine-time!!!!!


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That’s a lovely name! I bet they’re getting excited.

That is a pretty name. My Hebrew name is Leah Sarah. I like the name Leah a lot.

Leah Marie sounds so pretty! It flows nicely, and that’s one of my major hang-ups with names. ;)

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