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10 tv rules broken

BBC - Drama: Teen Rebels - commentary on Buffy

...it’s time to count the ways this addictive series has played with television conventions and established itself as one of the all-time TV greats.

Excellent article, and these 10 "rules" Buffy has broken ARE true and probably why I love it so much smile

[found at Whedonesque]


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Great article. Also reasons why I love the show.

I read this myself recently, and 100% agreed with it. smile

I have to admit, the Buffy/Spike relationship was my favorite on the show. With Angel, it was too early in the show, too immature - it just didn’t seem right to me. With Riley, I just cringed all the time, especially the sex scenes. With Spike, though, there seemed to be a much more cerebral element to the depiction. I liked it!

I have never really liked Dawn, though. I don’t know why...she’s just so out of step to me. I loved Glory, but Dawn just never did it for me.

Would you believe I didn’t realize until reading that article that "The Body" had no background music?!

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