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commercial thoughts

So I’ve seen and heard a lot of commercials since I’ve been at home all the time... A few that I’ve been wanting to mention for one reason or another...

The Power Pumper. Is it just a local thing, or do other people have this thing advertised ALL the time? I think its the Sci-fi channel that advertises it so much. Its this thing that looks like a 3 wheel kids bike (those short flat ones from the late 80s??)... but you power it with your arms, so it looks like they are screwing the bike. I swear, its worse than the idea of the Nimbus broom ( wink at Christine ).

TGIFridays has a promotion right now for a free appetizer with two of the meals on their special menu. Every time I hear it, I think of my sister because its kind of our place to go. So I wish she was closer than 4 hours away so we could go and take advantage of the deal smile

TNT and their 3 movies 3 days in a row... Last weekend, it was Gone in 60 Seconds. But look, its on again tonight. LOL, so what was the big deal about last weekend?

Applebee’s cheesy theme song for their skillet sensations. E is very annoyed by it, so I try to turn the volume off when I hear it. wink

One of the Zoloft commercials has a little blob as its mascot of sorts. Oh yeah, I want to be thought of as a blob, wouldn’t you?!

So those are the ones I thought of tonight while watching Forces of Nature. smile


I *hate* the Zoloft ones! That blob is just annoying as can be! As you said - who wants to be a blob, even after the happy Zoloft?

Love the new skin! smile

The movie was broke up into 3 parts for some reason...I don’t understand why.

Zoloft needs a new commercial!

Thanks for the heads-up about TGIFridays, I will have to have a date with Greg there. smile