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When I was up early this morning, I spent some time doing some cleaning up of my links page. There were some that were broken, and others that needed adding, so it was nice to get them straightened up smile And that reminded me that there were several new reads that I had wanted to point out smile

  • Dandelion Wine: I’ve been reading Theresa’s site for a few weeks now.
  • Soaked in Cinnamon: I found Eska when she started posting on the MT forums (under another name) and then found her site.
  • Chewbecca: Reb is another poster on the MT forums whose site caught my eye. I’d visited her site a bit before because she is in the 1000 words ring.
  • Gina Divina: the new home for Gina, and I couldn’t help but point her out, even though she’s definately not a new read wink
  • Daisyhead: Jenni’s been in at least one other domain name that I’ve visited her at, but she’s back at the first one I met her at now smile

Enjoy the links!


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oh no... my link list gets longer everytime you point out new folks smile

I move around a lot, don’t I? I wonder what Freud would say about that? Hmm..thanks for the link hon! I’m off to discover some new reads of my own now. smile

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