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TV Gal: best kisses

How have I surfed Zap2it for so many years and not noticed TV Gal’s features??

TV Gal Spells Out the Best Kisses

Pucker up. Because their kiss, their kiss is on my list.

Deep down, we know that a television couple is entirely fictional (really, we do). They’re two actors paid to read their lines and emote (I’m serious, we know that). But sometimes we forget. Sometimes a television kiss is the butterflies-in-your-stomach, toes-curled, heart-go-pitter-patter kind of lip lock that we actually stand up and cheer.

I am such a hopeless romantic that I can’t help but cheer when tv people kiss, and even cheer them on when I just THINK they should kiss. In fact, two of the Stargate reruns last week had 'shippy-ness and I was thrilled!

Anyhow, this article was great fun, and featured a few of my favorite scenes in it—especially the 2nd one listed smile I think I would have added the Lois and Clark kiss the first time she knew Clark was Superman. That one stands out in my mind. I’m sure I could think of a few more series TV kisses that were very memorable, given time smile


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