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new skin

Okay, I just wasn’t happy with the last default skin. So here I am again, with a new one. smile If you aren’t using the oft-changing default, you can pick the top one on the skins page.

This one is inspired by a design Laurie did on Trading Spaces. The episode was on this aftenoon, and she did silver and buttercream stripes on the wall. I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times, but I love how it turned out, and it inspired me.

So there ya go, my creativity for the evening smile


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Wow - you are just amazing! Every time there’s a new design, I love it. And what a great inspiration, too! I’m still intensely jealous of your creativity and talent. smile

love the new skin! It’s so smooth & clean! *big grins*

Oh, I love it! So wonderful!

girl, i really like this new skin! and thank you for the comment - it’s good to be back. mwah!

Absolutely positively amazing Kristine-a-ling!! smile

Ooh I love this one!

I like the new design...simple and very nice...makes me wish for spring. smile

Verrrrrrry nice.

Ooh, now this, I love!

Very very cool!

i like it a lot. smile

Oooh! Me Likey!

You change skins more than I change socks! smile

I really like this one though!

I really, really like this default skin. Nice colors and layou, soothing and attractice. I wish I could view it in Safari, but whenever I try to access your site with that browser, it chokes. I’m using IE for Mac right now and all is well.

I just saw this episode this afternoon while StairMastering and was so excited. smile I love this look so much!

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