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little annoyance

Okay, so this is not pointed at ANY of the visitors of my site...

Some days, I get really annoyed when someone asks for help on the forums, and I spend quite a while figuring out an answer. (no, that’s not the annoying part!!!) The reply? "Oh, I figured that out right after I posted." Not a "thank you" or "sorry I didn’t come back.". Then why did you ask a question and not come back to be courteous when you figured it out so I didn’t waste my time figuring it out for you? That time could have been spent helping someone else.


And all of you who do know me know that I love helping. If there were more hours in my day, I’d help even more AND answer my email! ;) So with my helpful mindset, somebody has to be pretty darn rude before it annoys me!!!


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Having had my share of rude people this morning, I can definitely empathize with you. I guess all I can do is let you know how much I appreciate all that you do for people. smile

Yesterday, I upgraded to 2.62, and was having problems with my smilie hacks working right, after I had re-installed them. First thing I did was head for the forums, and found that someone else had asked the exact same questions I wanted to.

The advice worked, and I was so happy that I went back to the thread and said thank you, even though I hadn’t even asked the questions.

Thank you, Kristine, and everyone else, for all yu do on those forums. I don’t know what I would do without them! smile

you know, I think I am guilty of doing stuff like that, being new to the forums and all, I will remember to go back and take the time to say Thanks, although my answers usually come from the forums help. Thanks for all you do there, you and the others on the MT forums have been a great help. *smiles*

Here’s my fav: thanks, though.

though? though what? tounge out

We love you K!!!

thank you thank you thank you. i am thanking you for all the poor unfortunate souls that have messed up. your help is so appreciated. we NEED you! thank you again!

Arrrrghhh! That kind of thing has happened to me before, too. Frustrating!

That’s right - thanks for every bit of CSS help (my encyclopedia smile), thanks for your unfailing patience with posters, thanks for being so encouraging when I didn’t know a from an , and thanks for not calling me a dork even though I’ve still got tons to learn. ;) You’re the best!

Of course, it processed my tags! Whoops! smile And, um, thanks for fixing that...sorry!

Kristine, I too just want to thank you for all you do, both on the forums and for me personally. You are just terrific.

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