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cynical, ha!

How Republican Are You? I’m a Cynical Liberal...

Me, cynical? no way! :giggle: Okay, so yeah, the cynical part fits. Politically, I’m not sure where I fit; but I haven’t researched that part of me too much. Politics weren’t something talked about in our house growing up, and so I never had a big interest in them. The one thing I do know is that I’m somewhere in the middle and appreciate that Washington (state) allows people to vote for candidates rather than by party. So if I like the ideas of a republican on one issue and a democrat on another, I can vote between parties. And that’s about the most politicalness I’ve ever shared on the blog. LOL!

from the Zu smile

Cynical Liberal

How Republican Are You?

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he he he...I took the republican quiz just now and my results were "A Saint, No Republican. " LOL! I even had a photo of mother theresa. LOL! Oh, what a hoot!

That looks like a fun quiz.

{I can spend so much time looking around at all your lovely designs and content.}

Ah ha ha ha ha. I’m a saint!!!!!

Man I don’t even have to take the test. My family has been strongly Democratic since the days of FDR.

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