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moblogging and mt

Now Bloggers Can Hit the Road

The meteoric rise of weblogging is one of the most unexpected technology stories of the past year, and much like the commentary that populates these ever-changing digital diaries, the story of blogging keeps evolving.

One recent trend is "moblogging," or mobile weblogging.
I can’t help but notice when a Wired News article mentions MT smile This trend of moblogging’s newest program is Kablog, which "lets those who use Movable Type as their weblogging software log directly onto their sites for updating." I hadn’t heard of moblogging until I saw Mena doing it.  If I was mobile, I have a feeling that I would enjoy this!!!! smile


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and those phones with the little cameras would it make it ALL THE MORE addictive! laughing

that is pretty cool. i don’t think i am ready to leave my lappy just yet though. i have a hard time typing with those little keys. but i would love love a cellphone/camera combo!

Darn... Looks like I’ll have to get a wireless handheld! Oh the horror. :-O

Back when I used Greymatter, I used to update from my Palm’s wireless access all the time. I did it once from the frozen food aisle of the local grocery store one night - got some very odd looks smile

I posted about Kablog when I posted all those links in January of things that I could use on my new cell phone. (Geekgrrl, you don’t need a handheld - just get a great phone!)

(Part 2 - I have the phone/camera thingie that Reb and Jane are talking about.)

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