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Amazon and ketchup

Amazon.com, the ketchup of the Internet? ZDNet Feb 19 2003 1:17PM ET

I kinda giggle at comparing Amazon with Heinz Ketchup—I mean, really, how many complaints can people have with a site about ketchup over a major commerce site? smile

The study, published Tuesday by the University of Michigan, indicated that customer satisfaction among major e-commerce sites rose an average of 6 percent from the previous year, leading to some of the highest customer service ratings among major U.S. companies.

Amazon achieved the highest score ever awarded to the 185 U.S. companies evaluated annually by the university, with 88 out of 100 points. The only other company to score as high is condiment maker Heinz, said Larry Freed, chief executive of Foresee Results, a co-sponsor of the study.

I am impressed that Amazon has stayed so user friendly even though its grown a huge amount since I first started shopping with them. I know that some people have had issues with them, but almost every purchase I’ve made has been good.


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It seemed like there were some crazy things going on at Amazon this past Christmas, but other than that, my dealings with them have been great too. I’ve used them a lot over the years. They were my first online shopping experience. smile

I did have a few bad orders, but for the most part, they did strive to fix whatever was wrong. I’m glad they sell more products so I can do more shopping with them. smile

I like amazon—I really do. But I bought a digital camera from them in December and haven’t gotten it yet because they lost my cheque and convincing them to reimburse me for the stop payment order is like pulling teeth. Amazon’s great, but not as agood as ketchup.

I love Amazon. They’re typically the first people I turn to when I want to purchase a book or movie. And they’re hugely speedy too. ('Cept maybe in rickie’s case. sad )

All in all though... I think I’ll still take Heinz with my fries, thanks. ;)

Canadian Heinz is far better tasting to American Heinz.

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