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buffy tonight

I’m so curious about what will happen on Buffy tonight.... The previews have me stumped! Description to follow...

Buffy: "Get It Done" (New) Desperate for a way to curtail the First, Buffy embarks on a perilous quest for knowledge while, back at the Summers house, the Scoobies are rocked by tragedy within their ranks.

I’ve been pretty good at staying spoiler free, so I’m trying to stay that way, but damn, I’m so curious about this tragedy.... Can’t wait for tonight! smile


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We didn’t watch it yet. I’ll have to be careful not to read anything about it. smile

We forgot to tape it, along with last week’s episode. Care to email me with what tragedy rocked the Scoobies? Pwetty Pwease? wink

I didn’t like the ep. : ( And I was rather horrified by seeing LaLaine in that last scene. I’m so used to her as Miranda on Lizzie McGuire, and that was a very non-Disneyish thing.

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