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While You Were Out

Okay, so While You Were Out has really been growing on me. I wasn’t so thrilled right off the bat with the show, but its gotten a little less obnoxious with time. Plus, there’s nothing else I want to watch at 5 smile I do have to say that I liked Anna Bocchi and I’m sad to see she’s not on anymore. Theresa’s okay, I kinda liked Anna.

So what do you think? Is it possible to change your mind about a show like this? smile


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Its groen on me too, so you’re not alone. But I like Teresa Better..;)

Now that I have cable, I finally get to see these shows more than once every few months! Woohoo!!! (Sorry for that outburst, but it makes me so happy. smile)

More on topic, I definitely think that it’s possible for a show to grow on you after a while.

I liked Anna too! She’s on a commercial for Pizza Hut Gold Crust I think. I was like I know that voice, hey it’s Anna! smile

I can’t stand that show. I loooove Trading Spaces, but While You Were Out is just too cheesey for me. I don’t think WYWO does a great job on the rooms either. I saw an episode last week where they did an absolutely horrible job on a room they were trying to turn into a jazz club.

The show hasn’t so much grown on me, I’ve just gotten used to it. I don’t think they do a very good job on the rooms either, I’m thinking of the same episode Theresa mentioned. Magenta, eek!

I don’t know which host has which name, but I like the brunette better. The blonde host grated on my nerves.

I just started watching that last week when my sleep schedule changed. I’ll admit, it’s not bad—but the Trading Spaces designs are usually better!

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