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desktop recap

I have had a lot of stuff going on with the plugin directory lately, so the fonts have piled up for a few days on my desktop smile And M got bored because I wasn’t around to keep her busy! So these are the ones I filed away into my FontsIT folder — stands for Fonts In Transit, which is where my fonts go until I have time to sort them into the folders they belong in. Enjoy!

From Dinc

  • Scout
  • BrokenDoll — nice caps
  • Satori — oh, pretty script!
  • Laura — another pretty script, lowercase.

from Aenigma

  • Vertigo — sideways face
  • Nymonak
  • Encapsulate — I like this one a lot!

from FontFace’s font of the day

  • Amadeus Regular (14th)
  • Akbar (16th)
  • Rapscallion (17th)
  • Corinthian (18th)

this post also tests out the textile text filter!


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Have I mentioned lately how much I love you? ::giggle::

(And when are you buyin' me that hard drive? I think I’m gonna need a least a terabyte. ;) )

I didn’t really need all this help for my font addiction, but thanks anyway! ;) :giggle:

yeah! new fonts . . . too many fonts, not enough time. thanks for sharing kristine!

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