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mmmmm, crack...

I was ROTFL when I visited Statia’s site this afternoon—check out this conversation:

me: I need me some krispy kremes her: they opened a krispy kreme in springfield her: i refuse to eat them though me: why? her: cuz peple talk about them like they are crack

Mmmmmm, crack.... ;) No, really, I’d LOVE a Krispy Kreme right now... I sure wish we had one here!!!! laughing


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Mmm, I could use some of those right now!

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I can’t imagine crack being as good as a hot fresh Krispy Kreme donut. Fresh glazed are the best!

They opened one not far from me. I’m going to have to venture there one sunday morning, but I’m really afraid. They’re so addicting.

My family often bought fresh hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts instead of birthday cakes. smile I absolutely adore them as long as they’re hot, but they don’t do much for me once they cool down.

I HATE Krispy Kremes and for that my waistline is eternally grateful.

I’m actually not a bit Krispy Kreme fan at all. I will pass up their standard glazed donuts almost every time. Their cruellers aren’t that bad though - fortunately that’s not what people normally get when they buy them for the office!

Now Shipley’s donuts? I could eat myself in to a sugar coma with Shipley’s donuts! Yummmmm...

watch out....statia will make you eat a hot one....

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