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mt2.6 upgrade

If you are using MT2.6 or 2.61, you’ll want to go over to the MovableType page and upgrade to 2.62, as it is an urgent issue being fixed. If you are in 2.51 or lower, you can go ahead and upgrade to 2.62 without any problems.

if you need/want more details, feel free to email me.


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testing comments after upgrade...

I got the email about the upgrade. I seem to be having server problems right now and can’t finish the upgrade. sad blah sad

For once my procrastination has paid off. lol

Grr.. Tried to upgrade, and am getting a yucky error that I can’t figure out. Any help?seems to have problems with the lib folder. sad

woops. Forgot a directory, looks like it’s ok now smile

You know Kathy, for once I didn’t procrastinate, and now I’m snowed in at home with my dial-up ... grrrr ... but I upgraded anyway ... all on the command line ... made me feel very *nix-y!

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