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I am feeling so slow today. Like my brain is in slow-mo and my body is even slower. I went downstairs to think about dinner, and just couldn’t barely stand up for the fuzzyness. I took a shower, and still feel off. So besides my email and stuff this morning with the MT, I haven’t done much!

And with the microwave broken, why is it that everything I’m craving needs a microwave?! Stupid thing!

maybe my brain will wake up soon smile


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If your brain wakes up, then maybe it can send a wake-up signal to my brain? I’m so off today and so thankful that the ice gave me an excuse to stay home.

I hate it when I feel like that. That’s how I was yesterday. I couldn’t keep my eyes open most of the day, and then wouldn’t ya' know it, when it came to be bedtime, I couldn’t get to sleep!! Grrrr! Figures!

Hope tomorrow is better for you. smile

lol... that’s how it works. Now that you have a microwave, nothing will use it. I sympathize with you on the Feeling Off Syndrome. Usually the only way I can get out of that funk is to go to bed. The next day, I’m usually fine. smile

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