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simcity 4

So I decided that I’d have a lot more fun in SimCity 4 if I just had more money. I know, that’s probably spoiling it, but who cares?! I’m making a beautiful city, and not worrying about the cost :giggle: In case you are playing this too, here’s where I got my codes:

SimCity 4 cheats for PC / Windows. UGO.com Cheats Channel, UnderGroundOnline

To use a cheat, hit CTRL X during the game to bring down the console. If this doesn’t work hit escape first to get rid of the current tool, then hit CTRL X. Now type one of the following:
(list on the aforementioned page smile weaknesspays is the one I was using.


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I do that with the Sims. It’s much more fun to not have to work all day. Gives me more time to have fun with my Sims and design myself some killer digs. wink

I was just coming to post here that I also do that with Sims. smile I’ve not given SimCity 4 a try yet, but I probably will over Spring Break when I have more time at home.

I use those cheats too, I used to be able to knock up a city from scratch to be extremely affluent back in SimCity 2000 days, but I don’t have the same nack with SC4...seem to lose money no matter what.

I do something similar with Zoo Tycoon. I use all the money I possibly can ($500,000). It makes it more fun for me. And I’m still getting the hang of the game... It wouldn’t do any good to make me not like the game right off, would it? ;)

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