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soap news

TV Guide Online - [Soaps News]

Forget the fact that Greg Vaughan, deemed one of the sexiest men alive by People magazine last year, snagged the coveted role as General Hospital’s Lucky Spencer. Forget the fact that when Vaughan assumes the character in a seamless transition on Feb. 20, he’ll bring Lucky into his mid-twenties. What fans really want to know is what hair color this Texas-born brunette will be sporting in a role characterized by its Emmy award-winning blondes. "I’m different," Vaughan teases. "I’m clean-shaven and young looking. I have the opportunity to reach back into my youth."

I’m kinda unsure about this. I don’t know that Lucky needs to be aged faster. Where does that put him in relation with the other people who were his age, like Elizabeth and Nikolas and even Maxie and Lucas who weren’t much younger?
The wait is over! After an extensive search, General Hospital has cast soap newcomer Natalia Livingston in the role of Emily Quartermaine, the adopted daughter of dueling doctors, Alan and Monica. Last played by Amber Tamblyn, the character left Port Charles for a rehabilitation clinic after a bus crash left her paralyzed. Several soap names tested for the part, including Kristina Sisco (ex-Abigail, ATWT) and Passions’s Jade Harlow (Jessica).

I’m so sad that Amber Tamblyn isn’t coming back to be in this role. But let’s hope that they’ve aged her appropriately to match Lucky. I sure would have been more okay with this if they had gone with Kristina Sisco because she was an awesome Abigail on ATWT.

And I sure am anxious to see what happens next on GH. Why the hell did Jax do that?


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I’m pretty confused too... How old was Lucky supposed to be? I thought he was supposed to be 23-24 or so. Why the jump?

And the Jax thing through me too... I thought it was because I haven’t been keeping up as much as usual.

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