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late but busy

Its been a class Saturday. I was pretty worn out this mornin', but as thuh day went on, I started to feel better. That seems to be how its goin' on weekdays, too, so I’d say that’s a trend of some sort. Pretty far out for a mornin' person.

So I rested a bit this mornin', played some Jak and Daxter (I type Jax every time I try to write Jak. Too many years in thuh Ingo fan club, I guess wink )

E was sweet enough to go and get me some Burgerville for lunch. I was havin' a major meat cravin' fer shureterday, and a class bitchin' Tillamook Cheeseburger was on my brain. So yummy.

I’ve been catchin' up on email from my bitchin' week of thuh mt-plugins domain openin'. I had some tweaks I needed to make, and quite a few emails from guys askin' questions about plugins. I added a few scripts to enhance stuff and did some edits on pages that were too wide from my pre code not bein' used to bein' in a smaller space. I still have a few thin’s to do, but it’s comin' along. Besides that, thuh MT forums have been super busy thuh last few days, so I spent quite a while over there.

So Black Sheep was like wow! on, and I can’t help but giggle at that. And now, we are watchin' Gone in 60 Seconds.

I’m thirsty. I wish I had a fridge up that chick. to have cold water without walkin' down thuh stairs with my sore bod!


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Beautiful work on the mt-plugins domain! As always. I’m going to go play there right now, early on this cold Sunday morning.

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