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Amazon Ditches TV For Word Of Mouth

Amazon Tries Word of Mouth

Now Amazon has turned its quantitative prowess on one of the most vexing questions in marketing: Is television advertising worth the expense? Amazon’s answer is no. And it has canceled plans for any television or general-purpose print advertising this year. The company is so sure of its decision that it has dismantled its five-member advertising department, assigning the employees to other roles.

[found at Techdirt]

Well, that’s not a bad thing, IMO—their commercials sucked.  laughing  So I’d rather them put their money towards free shipping offers than the commercials smile


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I’d have to agree that the commercials were awful, and I like your idea about more free shipping offers. smile

I never saw any commercials for Amazon, but I did see commercials for e-bay and those were awful. Though not nearly as bad as Old Navy of course. LOL!

The commercials that Amazon ran were just plain stupid. But they’ve created such a big name for themselves online that I doubt the ads even helped.

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