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better sunday

Random notes that I’ve been putting together all day...

  • "I am Invincible!" Goldeneye was on TV again, and that line always makes me giggle.
  • Beth Orton was on Charmed tonight, and I liked the song she sang. Look for it tomorrow.
  • I’m worried about my zalary-love .
  • I got to chat with some of my favorite people this evening. wheee!!
  • I finally felt well enough to stand up long enough to take a shower. It feels so good to be clean again.
  • my headache isn’t gone but its much better than yesterday.
  • Megan IMed me to remind me that I was holding up her FAFSA application by not doing my tax work for Locatis Leather.
  • Theresa of Dandelion Wine reminded me that its Chocolate Obsession Week hee hee smile
  • and now I’m sleep again... good night!


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Did you say Chocolate Obsession Weekconfusedconfusedconfused?

*singing* Heaven ... I’m in heaven .......


What was the name of song anyway? I tried searching for it after the show but wasn’t quite sure of the title. I was quite surprised when I saw Austin Peck on there as Piper’s dreamlover. He used to play Austin Reed on DOOL. I had quite the crush on him as well. lol.

And I’m worried about Zal too. sad

I think we’re all a little worried about Zal. I sure hope she’s okay, and she realizes how many people are thinking about her...


add another to the worried about zal list. sad hope she’s back soon.

I’m really worried about Zal too. {{hugs}}

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