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Teacher Tech Training

Teacher Tech Training Takes a Hit

A program that provided cash to train new teachers in technology will likely get the ax in President Bush’s proposed budget. It’s a disappointing end for those who say it’s been an unqualified success.

That’s really too bad. It sounds like this program has hightened the awareness of technology in the schools, and I don’t think that could be a bad thing. The older teachers now are people who didn’t even have computers while going to school. And for them to be guiding the nation’s children without this knowledge could hurt the kids. Technology is important in almost every field of work, and study, and play. So making teachers come into the digital age can show this to kids and give them a better base for their careers.

Or maybe I’ve just always been more "you need to know how to work a computer" and this article just sparked it in me to write about it. ;) Yes, that’s very possible!


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