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sensitive hollywood

Is Hollywood too sensitive? Shuttle Tragedy Spooks Hollywood

Saturday’s space shuttle tragedy has prompted a show of sensitivity from the entertainment industry. Television networks, movie studios and advertisers have pulled space-minded material from the air on the heels of the Columbia accident for fear of offending viewers.

I can understand that they don’t want to offend viewers, but it might be that they are drawing attention to it by making the change. Things like replacing Armageddon with Aliens for the movie of the night. I mean, yes, I understand that the crashing space shuttles in Armageddon is a bit too close to reality for the weekend. But to replace it with Aliens?! Even sillier, an episode of The Simpsons was pulled with a rocket that lights the church on fire. That’s the kind of thing that just draws attention to the networks and makes them look like dumbasses.

This article also mentioned a couple of commercials that were pulled, and I DO agree with that—HP’s commercial saying that their computers help astronauts get home safely not only was in bad taste after the tragedy, but made HP look like a very bad company : when the HP hard drive crashed... you connect the dots.

So yeah, in the last few years, I’ve really noticed this stuff being monitored more closely, and it really just seems that sometimes, Network execs need to take a step back and realize that for the most part, the episodes/movies they are pulling ISN’T REAL! And the viewers know that.

Particularly annoying to me was the Buffy season 3 finale. Yes, they blew up the school. But the principal turned into a giant snake and was eating students! Obviously, Buffy fans know that this isn’t reality. But the network execs were nervous and pulled the episode—they didn’t play it for a few months, if I remember correctly. That just drew more attention to their stupidness, IMO!

And now I also see this: 'John Doe' Shelves Episode After NASA Tragedy

Camp and production partners Mike Thompson and Mimi Leder support FOX’s decision to pull the "John Doe" episode originally scheduled to air Friday, Feb. 7....

The episode, "Illegal Alien," begins with an astronaut falling out of the sky and being accidentally killed. Information-overloaded amnesiac Doe (Dominic Purcell) and police pal Detective Hayes (John Marshall Jones) investigate what appears to be some sort of government conspiracy

Well bother. Lets hope that they decide to play it next week, because episode of John Doe are kind of integral to each other as he learns more about himself every time.

Anyhow, I bet this doesn’t make so much sense but I’ll reread when I wake back up. Yay for being sleepy again!! smile


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I agree with you...we seem to be getting a little "too sensitive". Love the new design...perfect for Valentine’s day!

the Buffy Episode called Earshot in season three was delayed as well. It was supposed to air the week of the Columbine shooting. They story line had VERY little to do with a school shooter in the end, but they still delayed it for months and months. It was dumb.

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