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vday fonts

Brandy posted a link to the Valentine category over at dafont smile I’ve been over there a bunch of times, but it seems there’s always great new things to check out. I could make about 20 skins for my blog if I stayed up all night and downloaded fonts and played wink


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This new design is really delicious! I love all those fonts over at dafont...I can’t wait to play with them smile


Have you no shame?!? First Acno’s sequel and now this?!

Well, I suppose I better get busy downloading fonts, since I am going to try to finish off Acno today. ;P


GAH! Dork! I just went on a HUGE font spree. including but not limited to NSYNC and Brit’s fonts! Seriously, I think I downloaded about 10 new ones.

::skips off to play::

::pokes head back in for a question::

Am I the only one who gets weird little characters on the last letter of your links? It’s kinda distracting, and I’m not sure why that started happening or what they are!

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