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Okay, so even though I resisted for much of the day, that miss melissa girl sure doesn’t make it easy to stop. 

I’m stuck on 25 now too smile  So I’m gonna be evil and link to the sequel: Aqua Energizer.  Ha haa tounge out

Oh, and I’m testing out Lisa ’s favorite News client, newzcrawler.com. I’m actually pretty darn impressed so far. I like that it integrates a newsreader for newsgroups in it, and I *think* it will give me an overview of all of my feeds that have chanced since I last looked. AND, I’m posting this right from inside of the program—its got an integrated blog client, which would make blogging about news even nicer. Only deal is that its not free. So I only have 14 days to decide if its useful enough to pay 24.95 for. And since I already bought TrillianPro, I should probably try making it work for me better.  Hmmmmmmmm

Okay, I wonder if this message disappears after purchase?? —Composed with Newz Crawler 1.3


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The site looks gorgeous - love the Valentine’s theme!

You wicked wicked woman! How could you?! ;)

I think Brandy might’ve actually finished it today. I believe that it ends at Level 35. Currently I’m stuck on 28. It is *hard*... But I must win!

I’m at level 35, but I haven’t finished it yet. I took some time away from it to straighten up the apartment in preparation for a deep cleaning tomorrow. Level 35 is kicking my bottom still. smile

Yes, the "Composed with Newz Crawler 1.3" message goes away with payment. smile

oh dear. i tried this game and i am already hooked. i like watching him slip on through to the next level. i am not very good yet but i fear this could become quite the adddiction. eek! thanks kristine, i owe you one!

Wow, NewzCrawler’s improved significantly since I last took a look at it! That was one of the first ones I tried, and I rejected it pretty quickly. But this looks so much better, I’ll have to try it again!

hey, can i get the pin code for the full version

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