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Elevator to moon

Wired News: To the Moon in a Space Elevator?

Long imagined by science-fiction writers but seen by others as hopelessly far-fetched, the space-elevator concept has advanced dramatically in recent years along with leaps forward in the design of carbon nanotubes. Using the lightweight, strong carbon material, it’s feasible to talk of building a meter-wide "ribbon" that would start on a mobile ocean platform at the equator, west of Ecuador, and extend 62,000 miles up into space.

An elevator could be attached to this ribbon to ferry materials such as satellites and replacement parts for space stations—or even people—up into space. The project could become a reality as soon as 15 years from now, experts say.

Okay, I’m not too anxious to take a ribbony elevator device to the moon. Can you imagine how long of an elevator ride that would be??! :giggle:


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Personally, I’d pick the elevator over the thought of sitting on top of several tonnes of hydrogen and oxygen, waiting for a giant spark to ignite the mix, and then feeling 7-9g acceleration. But that’s just me. smile

Of course, if I could, I’d go to space however I could. On a rocket, an elevator, being fired out of the top of an extinct volcano on a mag-lev accelerated bullet-capsule, whatever... I want a Star Trek transporter, though. "Beam me up, Scotty."

That’s...horrifying. I think I’ll stay on the ground for now.

Actually, I can imagine myself being like one of those people who’s afraid of new technology. Kind of like the ones who are wary of computers now. I’ll be sixty years old and all the kids will be going on weekend trips to the moon, but I’ll be sitting on earth with my cats, missing out on all the fun. Yes, that sounds about right.

My son sent me an article about this six months ago. It was very interesting. I think I’ll just stay right here in my puter chair and watch everyone else.

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