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vday skin

Everybody who knows me knows that I love love-stuff and hearts. So how could I pass up an opportunity to make a valentine’s day skin? wink

If you aren’t already using the default skin, feel free to go and Pick a Skin smile

See, when I’m really busy, I get these urges to do even more at once. And today, that included playing in photoshop making this header. laughing


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Oooh OooooOOH! Very pretty!

VERY nice! How do you come up with these gorgeous themes so consistently?

This is simply beautiful, you are a skinning goddess.

So very pretty! I love it!

Sweet skin girlie! smile

Pretty in pink—I love it! smile

It’s very lovely!

You go girlie. I love this skin... So, tell me... Is that the Art Deco font I’ve seen around? ;)

awww... beautious! i love it! smile

You’re such an inspiration smile

This is just gorgeous!!

Ah, I love this skin... it’s now my favorite. The white and pink look darling!

I know i don’t really need to say it, but this is amazing! And it ties in fantastically with your new changes to love-productions. smile You rock, and I’m jealous! laughing

so beautiful. i want to go out and eat cardboard tasting conversation hearts right now!

Very nice - I like it a lot!!

Love the new look..
Its so pretty.. ;)

oooh!!! i looove it!!!

Beautiful as always! smile

It’s gorgeous! I wish I had your skills. (Don’t count me out completely for that custom skin...I’ve been busy with other things lately but I’m still hoping to have one made. I’ll let you know.)

As for the random skin issue, I decided to just rotate it manually every so often. That will let me use holiday skins, too - I’m planning to choose and set up a Valentine’s skin this afternoon. smile

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